A Tumultuous Year – End of the Year 2018

A Tumultuous Year  – End of the Year 2018

Dear Roadies,


As I greet you all one last time this year, I want to tell you that the many prayers you’ve lifted up for us have been felt. The Lord has been working.


There’s a really good energy down at the shop. We’re a good way into the work on the generator housing. It’s the last huge electrical project we have left to do. All the other main rewiring is finished, thanks to a bus wiring manual I obtained from Nelson’s Bus Service. The tail lights work properly now and we’ve installed a backup camera and a backup horn. Now, when we are in reverse, it beeps to let people know. Most new trucks have that, but since Blue was made in the 1970s, that horn wasn’t part of the safety requirements. For the camera, we have a little monitor on the dashboard connected, so we can see better. That’s all new and cool, and we are able to function on all safety accounts.


In the past, when it came to the power generator, we have only been able to access the generator from the back doors, but in order to change air filters, make oil changes, and change spark plugs, you have to have access to the other side of the generator. Unless we climbed in and over the generator to get at the other side, it was not accessible -we’d have to hang upside down to get the work done.… until now,


One of the impressive things that Mickey, our main mechanic out at National Springs, has done is cut through some steel in the back of the Van so we could but in an access door to the generator from the inside. He did it all so fast; it only took a few hours. No more climbing around – all we have to do is open a sliding door now.


This was just something that we decided to try to do while the Van is still out there at the garage facility in West Milwaukee. We stripped the Van down to its skeletal state, and cut out the damaged parts. We also worked to effectively rebuild everything. It’s all super exciting, and the generator will be running better from now on as well as the engine, brakes, and steering.


Photo by John Jones

Photo by John Jones

Photo by John Jones


Going into the new year, all maintenance work on the Media Van will be easier, quicker, because everything will be more accessible.


Normally, when I told the guys what I needed done on the Van, and because I wouldn’t always have the equipment I needed to get it done, they would help me in between their other jobs. I expected things to get done within a week or two, but things didn’t usually pan out like that. Except for the access panel and the sliding door. The very next day, Mickey had gotten it done before I’d even arrived. I was so excited.


There is such a spirit of cooperation in the garage, and Mickey is actually pretty excited about it all now. He shows the Van off to customers who come in and likes to talk about the work he’s done on it and what the ministry is about. He’s even said he’d like to see it in action on the road when all the work is finished. “Invite me along, I wanna help out in some way.” He’s even mentioned bringing friends along too.


I brought my daughter down this past week while she was back in town for Christmas, and Mickey did more talking than I did, explaining and demonstrating how things worked, and opening up the back door to let her see.


God has really knit us together as a team now. I love working there now; it’s a total blessing. Things are going so well, and I know it’s because of the Lord working in all of us.


I was able to get the guys a Christmas present this year, some gift cards and things like that. They really appreciated it.


“You didn’t have to do that, JJ.”


“Hey guys, you really have been an amazing part of my life. It’s the least I could do.”


We’ve grown pretty close, and it seems that this has been the ministry of the Media Van this 2018, the subtle way God works in the hearts of an unlikely team.


I am looking forward to finishing up the generator stuff these coming winter months and putting the skylight in as well. Replacing the hook hole we cut in the roof with a plexiglass dome skylight instead. Things are all moving at the right speed now.


Happy New Year, and thank you to all who have prayed for us and kept us on your mind this tumultuous year. You are all so amazing! We will keep in touch!


– John E. Jones and team


Sammi Funk (S.L. Funk) is the Mobile Media Ministry’s webmaster, content writer, and executive assistant to John Jones. She’s also an aspiring author. She writes the Van Blog on mediavan.org and keeps her own blog where she occasionally writes about writing, books, movies, and faith. You can find her at slfunk.com, or in the dance studio.re