The Progress


(October 2019) The Media Van has a new classification as a recreational vehicle. That means no more CDL limitations or air brakes. New license plates, insurance, front grill and skylight installed. New screen awnings and diesel engine are in place as well. 

The National Springs crew and staff have accomodated us since April of 2018. Their business flourished over the past year and the Lord is moving among them. We are currently preparing to leave National Springs after a thank-you party in their honor.


New plates and registration - Sep 2019

Photo by John Jones

Photo by John Jones

New screen awning installed - October 2019

Photo by John Jones

The "almost finished" look

Image by John Jones



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Milwaukee's Media Van Planning

Photo by John Jones

The Mobile Media Van is now outfitted with all of its LED screens, a power generator, and a sound system to carry the Gospel message to the streets via personal testimonies, sermons, and Christian music videos and films. Check out our plans for the 2019 season here!


Photo by John Jones

All three LED screens – plus one extra for information broadcasting – have been installed. Free training for troubleshooting and repairing the screens were offered upon the first screen’s purchase. God keeps faithfully providing parts and volunteers.








Currently, the Media Van is being renovated and repaired. We are…

  • Configuring 4th LED screen for outreach use


Please contact us if you’d like to help us reach our technical and mechanical goals!

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Skill sets of all kinds can be incorporated into the project. If you have a skill set you’d like to share with this ministry, you think it’d be helpful and are available to use them for this exciting ministry, please let us know by contacting us. We love to get connected with new and excited individuals to serve the Lord and create lasting friendships. If a certain need arises, the appropriate workers and skillsets can be advertised privately.


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