And all these things shall be added: Summer 2016 Recap – Part l

And all these things shall be added: Summer 2016 Recap – Part l



For the bulk of January and February 2016, John was hard at work configuring the software for the 3rd Media Van screen and preparing it for installation.

Once it was ready and the odd planks stripped away from the port side, John called in a handful of able-bodied friends to help assemble and install the screen.

And there was much to do besides that: some previously-installed steel rods had to be re-positioned and re-welded. Within a day, the Media Van screens were all installed and fit together seamlessly. John and the guys all decided to celebrate by going out for some Philly cheese steaks.


See how the Lord finishes what he starts!


Not long after this, Wooded Hills Church invited John to Colgate to give a presentation to a men’s breakfast group. Using PowerPoint to share the message on his heart, John shared some of this miraculous life stories and how God was there, step by step, in bringing about this new ministry.


Image by John Jones


MMM loves Cops


In March 2016, John was startled to receive a call from the Milwaukee Police Department. The officer on the line told him that they’d seen the Media Van and were really impressed with it, stating that it had “such a positive influence on the community.”


The officer then extended an invitation to partner in an outreach event for children in Sherman Park on Milwaukee’s west side, along with the MPD and Mount Calvary Lutheran. The event was the day before Easter; John was elated at the chance and agreed immediately.


On the day of the Easter egg hunt in the park, it was a bit cold and overcast. Upon arriving though, it heartened John to see the police officers there setting up folding chairs on the main lawn for the community. With everything that would happen there later that summer, this was a reassuring sight to see, and John was so thankful for the good message it sent to the city of Milwaukee, and for the support for ministry by the law enforcement.


The event went well and affected many, even though the new screen on the Van had some glitches and John had to resort back to just two screens. All in all, this event and its influence would stick with John over the next year.



Image by John Jones


Remote Event


In April 2016, the Mobile Media Van had its first event with Brooklife Church in Mukwonago — sister church to Elmbrook.


The Media Van arrived early on a Saturday morning in the parking lot, and a “Run for Life” 5K was ready to begin. The event was happening in two different locations: this was the Media Van’s first _remote_ outreach, meaning that there was a constant live stream of the other 5K event happening simultaneously in Brookfield. The whole church and much of the community gathered around the Van to find their starting positions, while John took his camera around to live feed the Mukwonago event back to Brookfield. It was a hit! And suffice it to say that the outreaches cemented Brooklife Church and the Mobile Media Ministry as friends!


Image by John Jones


Memorial Day


After that, there was nothing on the roster for a while, so John took advantage of the time to make sure the screens were all functioning properly, and that the Van itself was in decent working condition.


When Memorial Day 2016 was nearing, John felt compelled to do something — to share the message of Christ’s sacrifice with the community. John situated the Media Van in the Droegkamp lot outside the garage and set up for a Memorial Day solo outreach.


He showed movies and shared testimonies about God’s goodness in the middle of war and hardship. He spoke into the parallels of sacrifices that soldiers make for their country and the grace of Christ to die for us all. Alongside this, he displayed some of his memorabilia from the Vietnam War, including his “wings” and his purple heart.


It was the first of a few solo outreach opportunities that John would initiate in 2016, and one of the most rewarding.