Blessed – Winter 2016

Blessed – Winter 2016

Not after very long, the Media Van’s fuel pump was repaired and brought back to the garage base, and a good thing too, because there was another event yet to attend: an Elmbrook Christmas caroling and fireworks night. The Van arrived back the day before the Treelighting and Fireworks event at Elmbrook, and while the Van was there, many were filled with the joy of the Spirit. When things had wound down over the weekend and John was out looking at the Van playing a movie, a churchgoer from Elmbrook came up and parked next to him to watch as well.

John was worried: not long before this, he had received a call from the shipping company that the 3rd screen was available to be picked up and they would only be able to hold it for another day before having to charge him major bucks. John wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to pick up the screen or even come up with the money to pay the late holding fee, when the churchgoers asked John about the Van. John explain the Van’s story and purpose and even reluctantly shared the details of the shipping predicament. The couple in the car were so filled with the Spirit and excited by hearing John’s testimony, that they wrote him a check to cover the late fee right then and there.

John was aghast and thanked them greatly in the Lord. Later, he would share this testimony with the council that met in his home to discuss the Van.

Photo by John Jones

Photo by John Jones

On the following Monday, the final Media Van screen was to be picked up from the storage dock in Milwaukee and John was super excited to finally bring it home. But he couldn’t do it alone: two teens from the wonderful Van Erdan family tagged along to help handle the parts to drive back to the Media Van garage.


After this was accomplished, it was apparent that the ministry and team were in need of some down time as the new year rolled in, to shut down all the 2015 details, to build the screen and work on its software, and to compose themselves as they looked into the future of the Media Van.

A prayer council for the Media Van team met in January to discuss the necessary needs for the upcoming year and the points of interest that they entailed. A lot was talked about and prayed over and by the end of the night, an agenda for 2016 was born.

The upcoming 2016 year would consist of many types of event that’d done before, plus adding more new and eager partners to the mix.

Mobile Sunday School, Christian outdoor concerts, Drive-in movies, and more were put down as necessities for the summer outreach season with the Media Van and team, as well as outside partnering ministries and individuals.

Other than the agenda, there was one prayer need for the Van’s renovation: Blue was in desperate need of a new carburetor. It could still be running obviously for a little while, but it would soon have to be addressed. The Lord will provide.

We are very excited to see what’s going to happen now that the Media Van is nearly finished and the ministry is becoming more rounded out. Please remember to keep us in your prayers as we are working diligently to get the Van back out on the streets to the glory of God.