Just Perfect | 2017 Update

Just Perfect | 2017 Update

After about 4 months of silence, the Mobile Media Van is getting another facelift.


Just Enough

In the morning of April 11th, the beautiful fourth screen for the Van arrived and was picked up in Milwaukee.

Not long before, John was ministering with his bible study group by assisting in some manual labor at a farm. Once they were done, a man had a pallet lift to get rid of and another man from the study group suggested John take it. And just like God works, it turned out to be the perfect thing for John to use when he brought his fourth “baby” home. Lifting out of his borrowed vehicle — 300lbs at a time, he was able to get all the screen parts into the garage headquarters all by himself.

A few weeks before that, John’s personal vehicle was stolen from his driveway in the night and some of his belongings damaged. The Wauwatosa police were searching for a while with nothing to show for it, until a snow storm struck on the weekend and the minivan was uncovered outside an apartment complex on the street while the streets were plowed. The only damage done to the interior was a ruined ignition and now requires a new steering column. Easily replaceable; God is good!

Just days before John was supposed to pick up the screen, he had to swap out his borrowed vehicle for a new one. Turns out that the replaced car was a van with the perfect amount of trunk space for the crates containing the screen parts. God always provides the manna we need, just when we need it!



Image by John Jones

You may be thinking, “There isn’t room for a fourth screen on the Media Van, is there?” And you are delightfully wrong!
The fourth Media Van screen is to be installed on the opposite side (curbside) of the Van. It will serve to give a better visual of what the Van’s mission is from all sides and distances during outreach and parades. At all times, the curbside screen will be broadcasting information about the outreach, what’s playing on the street side screens, and when everyone can expect a rerun of the program. During parade events especially, the curbside will allow all spectators to understand exactly what the Media Van is about. As well as all promotional and schedule information, the fourth Media Van screen can inform everyone in their parked cars that they can tune into FM radio to hear and see the videos, all within the comfort of their vehicles. All screens also will have the ability to toggle content back and forth as needed.

It is expected to be installed very soon.


Good Stewardship

Image by John Jones

Before the vehicle theft and screen arrival, a school bus was donated to the ministry. Now you may be thinking, “What does John need with a school bus?” One thing that a newer bus has that the Van doesn’t… a new Cummings diesel engine.

John is excited to eventually replace the current standard 1970’s engine within the Media Van with a new and improved diesel one that will save tons on gas efficiency; he’s happy to have the opportunity to practice good stewardship of his resources and expand the Van’s radius for ministry, maybe even into other nearby states. John expects to wait until the Fall of 2017 to swap the engines, so as to not encroach on the Summer outreach season.

The biggest prayer need at this time is that a large-enough space can be available when the time comes for the installation of the new diesel engine, somewhere with the proper equipment like hoists and such. We need a spacious-enough indoor location with the space to accommodate two very big vehicles at once. With five months to go until then, this is our biggest renovation need.


What’s Next?

Image by John Jones

Some of the event plans coming up in the Spring and Summer of this 2017 year is another 5k Run with Brookfield Church in Mukwonago as well as more movie nights in the Woodlands community.

We are also super excited about an upcoming revival prayer vigil event at Sherman Park in Milwaukee. After a dark history accumulated there last year, a new beginning is in order and new hope is needed.

Thank you for all your prayers and support this past year; it’s gone a long way and we look forward to what the Lord will do and how He will move in the coming months!

A recap of the events in 2016 will be coming shortly.