Quick Christmas Update

Quick Christmas Update

Hello everyone,

As the Christmas season is coming into full effect and the new year is just around the corner, I just wanted to give a quick “unofficial” blog post concerning some of our feelings and thoughts surrounding this ending of 2015.

In short, it’s been a wild ride and not really that much like our previous years. A lot of new experiences and lessons have been learned, and by the end of it all, we are that much closer to the Media Van becoming complete!

The third screen arrived in the U.S. not long after the Media Van had been repaired at Wiza Truck Service and John went to pick it up not two weeks ago with some of our wonderful roadies, the Van Erdans. Though there are still more renovations and repairs to be done, we are finally, after several years, in view of the finish line.

We have to say goodbye to 2015 and all it contained, the events, the places, the experiences, to wipe clean the slate a little bit, for the new year is hot on our heels.

We praise God for everything, for He is worthy of all the credit and reward we have gained in this last year. He is still right there, working around us, in the unseen world, yielding physical results like we wouldn’t have believed possible. This is what keeps us faithful and keeps us trekking forward to the finish line — a fully outfitted and functioning Media Van. The testimony is strong and real.

Thanks to all who have contributed to the mission of the Media Van in 2015! You all are so dear to us and we will see you all soon in 2016!

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

– Sammi, assistant to John Jones