A Father’s Day to Remember | Summer 2017 Update

A Father’s Day to Remember | Summer 2017 Update

June 2017


During the current summer outreach season in June, the team was preparing for many exciting and fun ideas: Mukwonago’s Brooklife Church was participating in the Father’s Day parade again, and John and the team were welcomed back to assist, and the second ministry vehicle – the donated school bus – was being repaired and prepped for further mechanical work in Oconomowoc.

Image by John Jones

Our beloved brother and supporter, Rick Puza was hard at work, fixing the bus on his own property in Eagle. He was also going to drive the Media Van itself on Father’s Day in the parade.


The day before the parade, John gave Rick a ring to talk about the event and confirm the status of the bus. Rick was nearly done with the necessary repairs under the steering wheel before being taken to the garage in Oconomowoc, and when the call ended, he went out to finish the work.


Not even 30 minutes later, Jones received a call from Puza’s older son, Ethan, telling him that Rick had passed away suddenly. His wife had found him in the second ministry bus, slumped under the steering wheel, screwdriver in hand. They were unable to move or resuscitate him. His chronic heart condition had taken it’s toll on him, yet the Lord allowed him to work for His glory to the very last.


John came over that same day to see Rick’s family, to pray and share in their grief. John had lost his own wife after 27 years of marriage, so he could empathize and be there for Rick’s wife, Barb, on that fateful day. At the end of the visit, both Rick’s sons – who are fathers themselves – volunteered to assist John at the Father’s Day event in Mukwonago, driving in their father’s honor. Deeply moved, John accepted gratefully.


Thank God for the Puzas

Image by John Jones


On Father’s Day 2017, the parade and outreach with Brooklife went off without a hitch, and many were encouraged and blessed. The testimony of fatherly love, sacrifice, and giving to the younger generation pervaded the atmosphere. The team and ministers from Brooklife honored and blessed the Lord.

Rick Puza had been a loyal friend and supporter of the Mobile Media Ministry for years. Back in 2001, Puza and his sons had volunteered their time to help clear out and patch up the Media Van, back when it was an old discontinued medical screening vehicle from the 70s. He had been a man who always helped anyone he met, anywhere, anytime. Rick Puza would give of his time, talents, and funds, even when his health was critical and his time on Earth was ending; everyone who was touched by his good-will and experienced his skillful service had also been blessed by the goodness of the Lord. While he worked as a driver for the Mobile Media Ministry, he would go above and beyond the call of duty: handing out refreshments to the people, praying with those who needed prayer, and sharing wisdom with the Media Van team about life, as well as vehicle mechanics. There were many events that Rick would attend and help with during the last few summers where he was an indispensable member of the team, and a force for the specific work the Lord planned to do at that time. Suffice it to say, Rick Puza was a blessing beyond compare to the growth and efforts of the Mobile Media Ministry.



Needless to say, the Mobile Media Ministry had lost a precious member and brother with the untimely death of Rick Puza. Everyone will sorely miss him. His story and contributions to the ministry and the Kingdom of God will forever be retold by the Mobile Media Ministry as they press on for the sake of the call.