A Flood of Provision

A Flood of Provision

Life goes on

Since January, the renovations on the Mobile Media Van and been slowly, yet steadily moving along:

Our volunteer electricians have been working tirelessly on the interior electrical work, such as outlets, lighting, and power flow from the generator housing — lots of wires lie about the van’s interior floor. They are also enabling the generator for full ministry use in the summer, even though there will still be things left unfinished once the season begins.

Another addition to our visage for Summer 2014 is our second Media Van screen! It has been bought and paid for and is on its way to America, and God has provided this, yet again, through His almighty power and wisdom. Thanks be onto God for this wonderful gift this year, as well as to all those who were involved in its purchase! We pray for the Lord’s blessing over you.

Also over the last couple months, we at the MMM (Mobile Media Ministry) have made some wonderful and personal connections. They range from individual artists partnering with us for personal ministry opportunities and creative outlets, to new church families coming alongside  us for support as we come alongside them for reaching their community for Christ. We feel truly blessed for all the crazy connections we are making and discovering through the power of Jesus, and can’t wait for the amazing summer season that He has coming our way!


God Story

On Tuesday night, April 1st, we had the honor of presenting the vision of the Media Van before a small group of pastors from East Troy Bible Church (Sammi’s home church). While preparing for this miniature open house setting, all was going well and coming together nicely. All the pictures and videos were set, the space was clean, and refreshments were set out. We then took a moment to pray for the attending party and for the Lord’s favor and glory that evening. All was quiet and ready.
Then, exactly one minute before the pastors’ arrival, the water heater in the garage space for the Media Van headquarters burst!


Photo and notes by Sammi Funk 2014

It had rusted out the bottom and began to pour gallons upon gallons of water onto the floor, walls, and carpet. The heater is situated on the roof of the restroom inside the garage space, and the resulting flood from this incident covered nearly half the floor of the room.

We shut the water supply off and opened the big door of the garage to let some of the water spill out onto the street, using a broom to sweep out as much as we could. When the pastors arrived, they were greeted by us at the open door, feet soaked. We didn’t lose any time and brought them inside to begin the tour of the van’s interior and shared the vision of what it would look like someday. Then after a good portion of water was expelled and the door shut, the presentation began.


Photo by Sammi Funk 2014


Needless to say, it went very well, though we might have been a bit shaken at the time. The pastors from East Troy Bible were very gracious, despite maybe having their feet wet, and having to go across the street to use the restroom, and having the presentation interrupted once or twice by neighbors coming to see why their water was shut off. When it was finished, we had a great debriefing, made future outreach plans, and prayed together for safe journeys and God’s blessing.

Though maybe having been discouraged at first, we then realized that this spiritual attack was more of a “God-sighting” and an encouragement — a victory. None of the technical equipment was harmed by the spill, including the generator — which is currently being supported by two steel beams placed on cinder blocks on the floor near the van. It was warm and no longer freezing outside, so the water didn’t become an ice slick. And amazingly, it didn’t burst when we were out or in the middle of the night; we were present for this attack and could shut off the water supply, so no real damage was done.

And what did the devil accomplish from this? He dampened our floors, not our spirits.

flood collage

Photo and notes by Sammi Funk 2014

God tested us and showed us once again that He is sovereign and watching over us. We now see this situation as a victory and a reminder that God takes care of every little detail.
When we arrived the next morning to clean and work, the water had mostly evaporated and the floors were nearly dry, all in one night!


Preparing for a New Frontier

Now that all this is being put into motion, we are preparing for one more open house event before the summer season begins. We look forward to working with all the old friends we made last summer as well as adventuring into uncharted territory with some of our new friends and exploring the mission fields God will reveal to us!             New horizons, here we come!

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!