A Growing Experience

A Growing Experience

In the city

This past weekend, we took the Media Van out to Word is God Worship Center on 34th and Vliet in Milwaukee. There, they were handing out free food and clothing and offering activities for the children. Among all this, they were sharing testimonies of God’s grace in their personal lives and inviting the neighborhood to come and join in.
Throughout the day, people began to come out to see the Media Van and the testimonies being shown on the screen. Some sat on their front porches and just listened, while others kept coming by on their walks and bike rides. We heard of lives changed, churches started, and the crime rate in that area going down about 70%. The Lord has definitely planted a seed in that community and we plan on going back someday.


In the country

Next, we drove the van out to Wooded Hills Church in Colgate, a sharp contrast to our previous event in the city. This was an unexpected event that we’d only just agreed to the day before, so a lot was left uncertain and thus we didn’t take and photos of these events. It was a growing experience, and when it was over, God worked it out for His glory. The next morning, we were able to participate in the Sunday morning service at the church. It was a lovely little service outside, with a rural setting, surrounded by corn fields. Pastor Theo Williams even got up and preached on top of the van at one point in the sermon! Then we were commissioned and prayed over as well as another mission team destined for Mexico.
The Lord tested us, and in the end he made His word known to us.
“If not you, who? If not now, when?”


The Mobile Media Ministry is so blessed! It feels like a whole new beginning. Thank you Lord and let us go full on into your will!