Milwaukee’s Mobile Media Van


There is Good News out there…

Jesus came to bridge the gap between sinful humanity and Almighty God Himself. Through Him and His sacrifice on our behalf, we can have God’s forgiveness and His peace, which we all so desperately need. Jesus also said we are to make disciples, and the Media Van is a powerful way to do just that.

The Mobile Media Van

The Media Van circa 2014


The Mobile Media Ministry is designed to assist, encourage, educate, and bring hope to the communities in Southeastern Wisconsin. It intends to show life and light in a dark and evil age, and that the real hope for us all is Jesus Christ.

Photo by Valerie Pietrowiak


The Media Van team strives to serve the Lord God in all things, including valuing family and community, recognizing the law and its authorities, being open to all kinds of creative opportunities, and working professionally with excellence to the glory of God.



The Media Van, which visits areas throughout the streets of Milwaukee, spans about thirty-six feet long to twelve feet high. Inspirational, encouraging films and videos show on large outdoor LED screens at both daytime and night for all kinds of events.

Photo by Sammi Funk

Photo by John Jones

Its inside has a seven-foot tall ceiling height, as well as a slightly larger width. There are refreshments and benches, allowing time and space to talk one on one with servants of Christ about life, love, grace… and to pray.


With all this put together, the Van provides a high-profile for easy viewing of the exterior screens from great distances and ample room inside for community outreach programs, such as a mobile Sunday school.


Milwaukee’s Urban Servant

John Jones

John Jones loves the Lord. Having nearly forty years of video production experience, John loves to visualize and share what the Lord has done through the eye of a video camera.

He was happily married to his beautiful wife, Lori, for twenty-seven years until her untimely death to cancer. He is a father of five and a grandfather to several charming grandchildren, as well as a veteran.

He fought and was wounded in the Vietnam War, which sparked the small, flickering flame of his beginning to know Christ personally. He received his degree in Electronics Communications Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1972.

He worked at Milwaukee’s WTMJ Channel 4 news station for eight years as an “on location” cameraman — starting off as a rookie on the nighttime crime beat. He then worked for the next thirty – plus years as Video Director at Elmbrook Church, where he gained many great connections in the local metropolitan area focused on Christian ministry.

John Jones believes that our visually oriented society is aching to receive good news and know that grace and peace come from the Lord. And how will they know unless they’re told? He founded the Mobile Media Ministry in 2012 to do just that.



Please remember to pray for the people who are touched by this ministry – that their eyes and ears will be open and their hearts ready for the Lord.

The Mobile Media Ministry is an organization affiliated with BASICS in Milwaukee, Inc.