And all these shall be added: Summer 2016 Recap – Part lll

And all these shall be added: Summer 2016 Recap – Part lll

August 2016


After some time out for the repairs to the engine, there were a handful of upcoming event plans left for the end of the summer. The Van had missed events like “Feed the Kids,” “Serve your City,” and “Movie Night at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church.” Now, John was looking forward to getting back into the groove of things — helping meet some of the spiritual needs of the city.


While it had been a long waiting, the Van and team were able to make it out to East Troy Bible Church for their “Family Fun Fair” in the church parking lot.

Image by Sammi Funk

There was fun, games, food, interviews, and worship. The Van had a showing of “The Peanuts Movie,” which enchanted all the families gathered together, and later ran the sound system and PowerPoint lyrics for worship time.

Image by Sammi Funk

East Troy Bible has been blessing their local community with events and opportunities for families to be touched by the Holy Spirit; this event with the Media Van was another wonderful moment in time for the Lord to work in the hearts in East Troy. And much like Brooklife, East Troy Bible and the MMM have sparked a lasting friendship.



Image by John Jones


September 2016

After this, things didn’t necessarily slow down for the Media Van. Events and outreach opportunities came and went in quick succession.



After many rain checks, the Van joined a Captive Project movie night in Atkinson Park, showing the inspiring film, “Courageous” to all the young men invited by Richard and Frank. John and the team of roadies made bags of popcorn in the Van and handed them all out with a kind word and smile. It was a night that spoke deeply into the lives of the men and their connection to the Father.


Image by John Jones

Another Brooklife event came along next. This time, Blue was featured in an amazing outdoor worship service, where thousands of people showed up! It was an amazing time to worship and reflection on the goodness of the Lord. John remembers feeling that the Lord meant to move during that outreach in a powerful way that doesn’t happen often. God used that time gathered together to reach every one of the people’s hearts personally, and move among them through the Holy Spirit.



Later in September, John brought the Van to an event at Westmoor Country Club beside his friends and affiliate ministers with BASICS in Milwaukee, Inc. He got to share his testimony, stories, and mission of the Media Van.



Photo by Paul Alexy


October 2016

By October, the only things left to go to were Harvest Fest at Elmbrook, a church service in Mequon, and another Atkinson Park movie night.


First, they repeated the Atkinson Park movie event and shared the same love with a whole new crowd. Both times, John and others handed out popcorn and shared their personal stories of God’s grace, love, and forgiveness with the invitees. No obstacle is too much for our Heavenly Father.


In Mequon, John’s son, Andrew, spoke into the Word and shared his own stories of the Lord’s goodness in his life, with the congregation gathered outside in a local park on Sunday morning. The band got a good set up with the Media Van assisting with sound and visuals as well.


At the end of the month, Harvest Festival at Elmbrook came around. John brought the Van to share with the other missions and missionaries coming together. Every year, Harvest is a plentiful and fruitful time in the hearts and ministries of everyone who attends, sharing, encouraging, supporting, and praying for one another as the Holy Spirit communes with them all.


Image by John Jones


Year’s End

November slowed everything to a crawl, and the Van and team got a break to recoup for the holiday season.


Then December rolled around, and John partnered with Bench Tree Church to host a “Keep Christ in Christmas,” event in the historic 3rd Ward in downtown Milwaukee. They sang carols and filled the streets with joy and peace. John loved being out in the heart and bustle of the city that night. He felt that the streets weren’t only lit up by the lights and store windows, but that the Holy Spirit was moving up and down to every street corner and the blessing of the truth of Christ’s birth was filling the air as well. He hopes to go again and see the Lord work there soon.

Image by John Jones

At the close of the year, there was enough funding for another screen. John had long been wondering and praying about having a smaller, simpler screen on the opposite side of the Van. After events like parades and block parties, where Blue is usually seen from both sides, he wanted to see if there was a way to let everyone know at once what was going on.


A final fourth screen allowed John to project event details, times, and other information about the Media Van and its outreach events to anyone seeing it from the wrong side.


With the Lord’s financial blessing to him, John ordered one just before the ending of the year.


And lastly, on New Year’s Eve, John joined the Captive Project for an all-day outreach event in the Sherman Park neighborhood. Lots of truth, inspiration, and music filled the air, long into the frigid night. The rap artists and preachers spoke life into the community, and the tumultuous year of 2016 came to a close.


Image by John Jones


What Can We Take Away From 2016?

2016 was a rough year for everyone. God still worked in all our lives despite that. As we are now also finishing the final miles of 2017, let us not forget that God moves… He doesn’t stop. Sometimes, He is silent, allowing us to reach out in faith to Him. God rewards faith. But, He is never inadequate, lazy, or ineffective; He can have His way in us if we allow Him to. God is greater than we can every truly know, so let us look to Him with great, humbling gratitude and expectation for the way He will bring about His Kingdom.