And we’re back!

And we’re back!

In the Spring

On April 27th 2014, the Mobile Media Ministry had its last open house event before the busy and rapidly-approaching summer season. The turnout was great, and many people came and went, some without ever making their presence known. This time around, John had a plan of segmenting the presentation process into two parts: Sammi giving the overview and vision of the interior while going through the inside of the Van, and John recounting the proud and blessed history of the Media Van outside with the screen showing videos and pictures.


Blessings Abound

Not long after the open house event, John received a call from an anonymous supporter who was at the event and had seen the Van for the first time. The caller asked him about certain needs and amounts to donate to, which John was reluctant to share the uncomfortable specifics. The caller said he felt led to pay for the third media van screen, which left John “speechless.” After an uplifting conversation and final agreement on the purchase of the screen, the caller thanked John for his obedience to the Lord’s call and added that he himself only wanted the Lord to get the glory. John said, reminiscing about this miracle: “I am blessed beyond imagination!”


Summer is Coming

With the summer schedule filling up all the time to a significant amount of opportunities, just keeping up with all of the events is a job in itself! The third and final screen is to be ordered soon and will hopefully be installed in the Lord’s timing. God is good!

photo 2

Dreogkamp employee helping with generator installation Photo by John Jones


Speed Bump

When the large generator was all set to be installed into the Media Van’s generator housing compartment, John decided to move “Big Blue” outside the garage to the building’s parking lot, as to make installation easier. So, John called in our trusty driver, Karl, to help move things along, and our good friend Don from the neighboring Dreogkamp Furnace Co, Inc; he would arrive with a forklift shortly after. All was set and going according to plan, when we hit an unexpected “speed bump”: Blue wouldn’t start up. After trying for a while with no success, we had to call it quits for that day and sent Don back with his forklift.
But fortunately, God wasn’t allowing a long test of faith with this one, and eventually, Blue’s engine did indeed start up again, but it was too late to install the generator.

Van at Clarke House in Pewaukee

Blue outside at event in December 2013 Photo by Sammi Funk

Blue’s Day Out

In spite of this, John and Karl decided to take Blue for a spin around downtown Pewaukee. It was her first time out again since 2013. She looked almost happy as she skirted down Capitol Drive and down to the lakefront. Upon return, spirits were lifted higher than before.

The generator was eventually installed successfully on June 4th, without having to bring Blue outside. Once placed cozily inside, John and our volunteer electricians could get to work hooking up all the connections.

photo 1

Don Dreogkamp helping with installation. Photo by John Jones

photo 4

Generator installed with the help of Dreogkamp and Co. Photo by John Jones


Power to See

On June 6th 2014, we got the release forms — the second screen was in Milwaukee and ready to be picked up. We’d received the call some days before, but the opportunity and funds came in just in time to pick it up on this bright and sunny morning. While waiting for the screen to be brought out in its several individual packages, John and Sammi waited for final clearance in the break room of the loading faciality, surrounded by truckers on break. While they waited, they even had the impromptu opportunity to talk with one trucker about the Lord and His work with the Media Van. After a while, the packages arrived by forklift out where John’s van was parked, and were loaded onto his trailer. The screen trailed behind the vehicle all the way back to the Media Van garage base.


John and workman loading 2nd screen onto trailer Photo by Sammi Funk

John and workman loading 2nd screen onto trailer
Photo by Sammi Funk

2nd screen arrives at base Photo by Sammi Funk

2nd screen arrives at base
Photo by Sammi Funk

Term of Endearment

Now with all this in hand, the Media Van team has now found a name for all the wonderful supporters, donors, and fans of Big Blue… “roadies.”

Roadie (informal noun) –
someone who follows, assists, and contributes to a traveling act; someone who helps “set the stage;” someone who “keeps us on the road.”

God is great and full of mercy. He knows our needs and sometimes fulfills our wishes in brilliant and mysterious ways. God bless all the “roadies” mentioned in these stories, and keep them and make Your face shine upon them.