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We are looking for active, smart, and dynamic personalities to come alongside us in our mission to reach the greater Milwaukee area with the love and Word of Christ. There are so many ways to help this ministry grow and affect our community.



The Characteristics of a Roadie

We need support – support that is insightful into God’s Word and has a working knowledge of the Scriptures. We need willing people who are able to listen and be attentive to the immediate needs of the people attending, spiritually and emotionally.

We need support that will be willing to let the love of Christ flow through them and be willing to demonstrate that love to anyone at an event or movie night. The Media Van needs prayerful people and individuals who are open to listening to the Lord’s will and doing His work to joining the Media Van team.



How to Get Involved: Types of Roadies

Subscribers – our “internet roadies” help us out by following our story and growth online and share us with their friends and family. We are known on a small but global basis and want to keep the awareness of God’s movement in Milwaukee going. Follow our VAN BLOG (subscribe below), where we post all our coolest and most encouraging stories from being on the road and more. Like us on our social media and get instant updates on the latest developments of our movements.

Mobile Media    Ministry



Patrons/Donors – these roadies are indispensable! Our faithful and wonderful donors are treasured by all of us at the Media Van team. Media Van donors have special access to new stories and developments in our ministry, are tax-exempt, and even have access to special events and booking privileges. Donate to the Mobile Media Ministry via PayPal or send a check!


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“On Location” Roadies (Volunteer basis only) – These are the meat of our team, the cream of the crop if you like.

When you are a roadie on location, that means that you are physically present with us, on outreach, experiencing it all.


Types of Volunteer needs include…

Driver – able to operate a large vehicle with large blind-spots and back-up camera technology, able to attend events for their whole duration from arrival to departure.
Counselor – praying and listening to attendees during quiet moments (sometimes inside the Van) and providing sound counsel; being comfortable with evangelistic approaches and sharing the Word of God with a friendly and loving demeanor.
General Facilitator – keeping outreach activity under control during events, handing out materials, bibles, and food/drink to attendees, engaging in friendly conversation with attendees and other volunteers.
Teacher – teaching short sermonette/lessons on the Bible and spirituality to attendees of all ages; being kind and gentle with children and able to command the attention of a group; sharing testimonies and lessons in an exciting and effective way.
Technical Support – assisting with some basic technical work and equipment, like movie players, Powerpoint, etc, sound mixing, etc.
Artist – sharing original and creative ways to glorify the Lord through the arts, providing extra supplies or equipment for showcases, willing to share testimonies of what God has done in your life on a one on one basis, as well as to a crowd.




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