Giving, Receiving, and Giving

Giving, Receiving, and Giving

October 12, 2013:

John and Sammi cleaned up the Media Van headquarters and set up an “end of the summer” reception for all the major donors from across the years. These individuals have supported the Mobile Media Ministry long before the Van even hit the street, when it sat outside in a grassy lot for years and years.

The Giving

That afternoon, they opened the doors and allowed any who passed by to see the Van and all the other things going on inside. Donors and supporters began to show while John was playing videos of the Van at events during the summer, content that was shown at those events, and even a diagram of what the inside would look like when it was finished. Guests were also allowed inside the Van itself to get a better look at how all of it came together and how it all worked. John gave presentations with an operating screen so that people who hadn’t seen the Van in action would get a taste of what the outreaches were like too.

The Receiving

The whole reception went an hour longer than expected and God has definitely touched the hearts of some amazing people though it. With new support rolling in, God has been exceeding expectations like only He can. Thanks to God and all the guests who caught the fire, we are moving ahead into the rest of 2013.