I Choose You

I Choose You


Big Blue

The Media Van arrived back at the Mobile Media Ministry base on Tuesday, August 13th after receiving its new paint job. Big, bright, bold and blue, the Van looked years newer and capable of going anywhere in the country. All looked set for the next mission that coming Saturday, but something wasn’t quite right. Insurance became an issue, and we realized that until we figured something out, we were not road-worthy. Also, one of the generators that powers the screens was used at a wedding a few days before and was no longer working. All this was happening at once and we nearly accepted the fact that the Van wasn’t going to the event after all.
But on Friday, the day before the event, the Lord did a miracle! A friend of a friend was able to find insurance that worked for the Media Van and the same generator was put back together and kick started… all within a half of an hour! The Lord brought all things together in His own timing.

Here we go

On the morning of August 17th, 2013, the newly-painted Media Van and its crew set out for the Woodlands Community in Milwaukee for a neighborhood outreach. The whole thing took place in a large, central field in the midst of the apartment complexes, so the big blue Media Van drove down a small path, in between trees, houses, and bushes to get to its parking place.

Once there and the picnic and festivities were underway, the generators in the back of the Van were started up and the mission to spread the gospel to the surrounding homes began. Booming inspiring music loud enough for all to hear across the field, music videos, testimonies, children’s films, and even a slide show of all the kids in the community had a moment up on the screen during the outreach. Hundreds of the community’s inhabitants came out to the picnic over the course of the day and all had something, big or small, to receive from the Lord and his servants: backpacks, face painting, food, prayer, and the Word, but most of all, the truth of the love of God.

God is always working

Like in the story of Gideon, we seemed to be up against odds bigger than us. But that doesn’t mean that God was shutting a door; he said, “I choose you!,” and made us battle-ready! Thank you, God, for the wonders of Your hand and the truth of Your love!