Jesus Saves!

Jesus Saves!

The Captive Project Collaboration

The Media Van took a special trip out to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission this past weekend to help with an outreach with the Captive Project and New Life Church in Milwaukee.

The Masses Arrive

When we arrived, volunteers were still setting up sound systems and food tables. As usual, it took a while to get everything underway, but once the music started blaring and the food was brought out, hundreds of the neighborhood inhabitants came out — as you can well imagine.

Out in the Open

Being one of the most dangerous locations the Mobile Media Ministry has been to so far, the Rescue Mission outreach had a great turnout of many similar people, though in other ways very different! All kinds of people with the same background, but all with different spiritual states. Many were prayed for, given food, and entertained for the afternoon; fed in both body and spirit. As the day began to come to an end, and the festivities closed down one by one, the Media Van showed one more children’s bible story of David and Goliath. All who were still present, especially the kids, were really into the story. And all the time, out underneath some trees across the road, at the end of a lot, some young adults kept to themselves, watching all that went on. They didn’t stray from their shade until the outreach was completely over. All things considered, we think many “seeds were planted.” We can’t say if anyone accepted the Lord’s salvation that day, but we do know He was glorified.

Thank you Lord for shining so bright in the midst of darkness!