Light of the World – Christmas 2017

Light of the World – Christmas 2017



On December 23rd, John and his driver, Karl, arrived early in the morning to the Media Van’s headquarters, and prepared to go out to a long-anticipated caroling event in Delafield.


Just as they were ready to go, John realized the Media Van’s energy generator would fizzle out only 12 seconds. They tried multiple times to start the machine, but it wouldn’t stay on for more than 20 second, and the Generac customer service office had closed for the Christmas weekend. With no generator power, John had to reluctantly call off the Van’s appearance at the Christmas carol event. He allowed Karl to go home for the holiday and got on the road himself to attend the caroling outreach, set up in the town square.


When he arrived, the many attendees and sponsors had already started to work on a basic projector system to share the video content that was meant for the Media Van. They propped the projectors up and held them in place with bags of salt. Soon, they had the whole thing underway, singing carols and sharing the miracle of the Christ-child; the time spent sharing the ways in which the Lord is good, faithful, and giving. Before the event would come to a close, John felt so compelled to share a recent experience in which the Lord came to his aid and showed His faithfulness and power:


It was a clear morning, and John went to go spend the day with an old friend in a nursing home, and the only visitors she ever received were her daughter and John, who were longtime friends. After a full day without a meal break, John bid her goodbye and got out on the road back to his home in Wauwatosa, with nothing but a cup of hot chocolate in his hand.


ID 96269007 © Benoit Daoust |

ID 96269007 © Benoit Daoust |


He was nearly halfway home on the highway when the night started to turn windy and cold. Winds were blowing at sub-zero temperatures, and John’s car died right in its tracks. The jolt caused him to spill of hot chocolate all over his shirt. His battery had died, and so had his phone. Unable to move over or call for help, he took a couple of chances trying to wave down someone for help. Every attempt was met with cars moving past, and not a single one trusting to even slow down, let alone pick up a suspicious-looking, stained-shirt man alone on an extremely cold night on a major highway.


John sat in his car alone, slowly freezing. No way to warm up, no food, no way of calling for help, and no one who would pull over. He asked God, “Why me? Why now? Is this it for me?” He prayed for support and comfort from the Lord, Who is faithful, and he came to the understanding that someone special, sent by God, would have to be his rescuer.


ID 85269568 © Dusan Kostic |

ID 85269568 © Dusan Kostic |


After what seemed like hours in the cold, dark car, a pair of headlights came up behind him and stopped. John immediately got out of the car and explained his situation to the couple inside the other vehicle. They didn’t get out or roll the window all the way down, but they listened to John intently and offered him a call on their cellphone. He could only remember one phone number out of his caller ID contact list and asked them if they would dial it for him because his fingers were completely numb from the cold. The woman on the other end of the phone didn’t believe it was their friend, John Jones, at first; he had a strange phone number, but John convinced them of his predicament, and his friend, Tom, came out to pick him up and called AAA® to tow the car to Muskego Tire and Battery.


John, grateful to miracle couple who pulled over, blessed them in the Lord’s name. In that moment, he knew that the Lord was faithful and would meet him in any and all of life’s storms.


The friends collected him off the highway, warmed him, and later took him home. John car was completely dead and he was without a vehicle for the holidays. After coming home and sharing the story with family and other friends, they were so moved by the story, that some of them offered to pool some funds together to buy John a new car for Christmas. One amazing 2004 Ford Expedition – with a new engine – was offered by a neighbor and supporter of the Media Van headquarters for as little as seven thousand dollars. John had wheels again, but much more than that, he had another testimony of God’s faithfulness.


Photo by John Jones


These miracle friends and strangers weren’t the only ones who were moved in the Spirit by this incredible story: many from the Delafield Christmas caroling were immensely inspired and encouraged by this true story. John left the event having ministered to the people in Delafield town square, himself, and the Lord – without the luxury of the Media Van.


ID 95228862 © Ryzhov Sergey |

ID 95228862 © Ryzhov Sergey |


It turned out that all the generator needed was a new sensor part within the computer system responsible to run and distribute power to the whole machine and the Media Van’s power outlets; the generator emitted the correct amount of power, but it wasn’t able to make it all the way past the faulty sensor. The unfortunate side was the sensor is so engrained into the computer itself, that the whole computer and sensor needed to be replaced. The day after Christmas, John successfully contacted the Generac customer service to order the new part.


The entire story of the Media Van, filled with its ups and downs, has all come down to one strong and simple fact, GOD IS WITH US. He is faithful, He is just, and He never turns a blind eye to the needs of His beloved children. In the chaotic and scary world that we see ourselves in today – heading into 2018 – we need this truth more than ever. God isn’t dead, nor is He stagnant. He works in amazing and mysterious ways, meeting us all at the exact right moments in our lives to show His power and His love for us. It’s our privilege and desire to share these testimonies with a doubting and greedy generation, shining the Light of the World into the darkness.


In 2018, we strive to remember that not one of us has it all; we may have technology on our side, but it is hardly essential for effectively sharing God’s message to those around us. Our ministry starts with God and us, all we need to do is share.


Our prayer for you all this new year echoes Paul’s prayer to the Ephesian church: that you would all make room daily for the glorious riches of God’s power and goodness, and that every one of you, through faith, be rooted and established in love – to grasp how wide, long, high, and deep it is, and to allow yourselves to be filled to the brim with the fullness of God.


He will never leave, nor forsake you. And He never has. Let 2018 be the year of witness, of true stories of God’s goodness, and the year we all reach out in beautiful practicality to help out our fellow-man.


Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21


Happy New Year!