Maiden Voyage and All Downhill From Here…

Maiden Voyage and All Downhill From Here…

And We’re Off!

It took a while to get it out the door and on the road, but by 1:30PM on June 22nd, 2013, the Mobile Media Van was on its way to the first event!

Driving to New Testament Central City Church, we were thrilled that the screen stayed intact –  bumps in the road didn’t budge it an inch, thanks to the steel frame and base holding it in.  As we got closer to the church, it became obvious that we were causing quite a stir among the people already present.

Once parked and going, people gathered around to ask what exactly the van was and what we were doing with it. I tried to explain it the best way I knew how, as I’ve had a lot of practice in already. But I knew it wouldn’t really sink in until the first video popped up and started playing.

Getting Power

Now, the Mobile Media Van is to get all its necessary energy from a generator located in the back of the vehicle, but unfortunately, this generator was, at the time, in JJ’s backyard. So with as many extension cords as we could find, we had to hook the van up to the power coming from the church itself. With the large energy capacity the screen required, we blew many fuses in the church and started to get discouraged; we went on setting up for nearly two hours!

During all this commotion, little kids started to come inside to see the action, ranging in ages and almost all boys… and almost all curious. Throughout the rest of the day, they’d be hanging out by the driver’s seat and wishing they could get a nice, good “look” at all the cool equipment inside. In fact, they all seemed more interested at the inside than the main attraction on the outside. But after all this, the first video started.

Displaying Videos

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, we had to make sure a video was always playing, from Christian music videos to personal testimonies. It was a hot, sticky, wonderful day to be outside and praising the name of the Lord. With the neighbors sitting out on their front porches, the sound of the downtown was drowned out by the cheering, singing, and worshipping coming from the New Testament Central City Church parking lot. But just as we were really getting into our outreach, the party was drawing to a close. The people around the van started to say their goodbyes and head out before the last movie was even over. With all the time it took to get the Media Van out and operating, we were just a little further behind than everyone else. But just as we were thinking of packing up, the last fuse blew and we took that as a sign to be done with the maiden voyage. It was an unlikely success!

At the End of the Day

All packed up and driving back, we thanked God for His goodness and how the Media Van was able to make its maiden voyage.  I asked JJ how he felt now that it was over. He said that he felt “like a balloon that was being filled up more and more and floating higher and higher,” and now that he’d “reached that highest point, the air was slowly releasing” and he was “softly floating downward again.” Which is as much to say that, it’s all downhill from here.

The Real Power Source

Thank you Lord for your goodness to your people here in America!  We pray that you will bring about a revival to glorify your Name!