Meanwhile, in China…

Meanwhile, in China…

JJ recently took a special business trip to Shenzhen, China. On this trip, he went to visit Eraled Optoelectronics Co., the manufacturing company for our massive HD screens, and learned how the screens are assembled and maintained. These high-definition screens can be seen all over the city and are featured on billboards, buses, and buildings. And soon they will hopefully grace the side of our own Media Van!


One of the screens has been purchased, through generous donations from our wonderful supporters, and is about 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide when stood up. A comparison of height with JJ standing next to it is a really cool sight! JJ was shown how they are packaged in separate parts and shipped from China. The crew there was so friendly and provided great information. JJ said his translator, as well as the instructors and engineers, were so polite and eager to hear what the screen would be used for.




The trip wasn’t only educational, but surprisingly spiritual as well. The Lord turned it on its head and made the trip into more of a retreat for JJ. Left without a vehicle in the busy city with no one to drive him except from the airport, hotel, and company, JJ had lots of quality time with the Lord in his quiet room where he read two books and lots of Scripture. He mentioned that with the spare time he had between seminars and meetings, he spent in deep personal time with the Lord, listening to him speak and praying for clarification. With the awe-inspiring scenery of the city outside his fifteen -story hotel window and the even more inspiring Word of God in his lap, JJ was able to connect with God on a whole new level and learn new, beautiful things about what God is doing with this new ministry. JJ says he loves how the Lord was able to bring his focus back to the real reason why the van is being developed, to glorify God.



Thank you for all your prayers and donations. As you can see, the Lord is using them in mighty ways!