Our Invisible Shepherd | Summer 2017

Our Invisible Shepherd | Summer 2017

Movie in the Park


Every year, the Media Van joins the other organizations, companies, schools, and community servants of Pewaukee for the Independence Day parade. The Van shows images of freedom and truth, with historical, as well as modern, American pastimes and values. The roadies handed out tracts, brochures, and invitations to the annual Mobile Media “Movie in the Park.” And best of all, the new fourth promotional screen also advertised the Movie in the Park for everyone on the passenger side without the full visual context.

Image by John Jones

This year, the Media Van succeeded in sharing the featured movies in the Pewaukee Village Park, instead of the nearby Droegkamp parking lot. Videos for children, values for families, and truth for every American, that God shed His grace on us. With the movie going, JJ and friends handed out bibles to kids and prayed with families.


Movie in the Lot


Later in July, the Media Van joined Elmbrook Church’s High School Ministry program for a movie night in the parking lot.

It was quite a humid night, full of encouragement, inspiration, engagement… and mosquitoes. The students gathered together and repelled the nuisance like champions, and continued to engage with each other about the Lord. The upcoming generation of God-fearing Christians has great potential and we are honored to be an example for them as the new digital age changes and rearranges into the future world.


Image by John Jones

Movie at the Playground


For its second event at Kluge Elementary, the Media Van and team came out to assist Pastor Marques Jones from Crossway Church in a kid’s event at the school playground. Also present was the Milwaukee Police Department, featuring their own special vehicle, an ice cream truck, serving everyone free of charge.

Image by John Jones


It was during its first event at Kluge Elementary that the Van suffered its first bad tire blow out. On its return journey from the kid’s event, the Van hit a pothole and one of the back tires finally popped. It was at this point that John knew that the dry rot had finally set in.


Image by John Jones

Baptism into New Life


Two baptism invitations followed these movie outreaches. Elmbrook had a baptism, and Pastor Jason thought the Media Van should be there to help broadcast the 200 baptisms to the people on the other side of small lagoon outside the church. It was an incredible time for many, presenting themselves as willing servants for the Lord’s work in their lives.


A little later, an outdoor service at Phantom Ranch in Mukwonago commenced with a baptism, hosted by Brooklife Church. The Media Van supplied all the sound and visuals for it and the baptism after, as well as sporting its new awning over the last screen to cover the direct sun glare as daylight faded away.


Image by John Jones

Spreading the Joy


The next two events in early August were an outreach at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, and another family movie night at Elmbrook Lake Country Campus.


John and the small team with him were on their feet all day and passed out as many as one hundred bags of popcorn at the Rescue Mission. Handing each bag to someone with a smile and a kind, encouraging word, John was glad that the Van and its popcorn machine were put to good use, spreading good will and joy to anyone who came by. At Lake Country, lots of families showed up for the film. But this time, instead of mosquitoes, the night swarmed with happy children. God is good.



Photo by John Jones

Triple Feature


At the tail end of the summer outreach season, the Media Van was set for a hectic 3-event day, and worst of all, no driver was available to take the Van out. Last minute, John called Ethan Puza, who volunteered to drive after the loss of his father, Rick. Ethan was unavailable that weekend as well, but referred John to another potential partner, a friend from childhood, Ben Himsel. Very soon, Ben was on board for the triple feature day.

Image by John Jones

First event was a showing of the all-new documentary, “Milwaukee 53206,” at the Genesis in Milwaukee headquarters.

Along with this exciting new film to come out of Milwaukee, those serving with Genesis – ex-convicts who were working on reentering society – were offering free haircuts. The Van opened up its doors for the barbers to work inside. Hundreds of people came to the open block party and lined up all up and down the streets to receive a haircut and see the film. “Milwaukee 53206” brought awareness to Milwaukee as our nation’s number one city and zip code for most African-American men incarcerated. It was an awe-inspiring turnout, and John wouldn’t soon forget it.

Image by John Jones

Then, the Van had to move on to East Troy Bible Church for another Family Carnival for young families. The kid’s film, “Moana,” was requested for this event, but the weather turned sour later that day. A majority of the festival and viewing of the film happened underneath the drop-off area canopy by the church’s front doors. John was able to speak into the biblical truths that could be gleaned from the delightful little film, speaking out from the adjacent grassy field to the parking lot. All too soon, the team had to move on to the last event back in Milwaukee.


In Sherman Park, the Captive Project was hosting a prayer vigil for the community, including singing, speaking, and praying for all those affected in the riots that had taken place there the previous year. It was planned to last the entire night and to end with a worship service in the morning, but the weather continued to change the game. John left the Media Van running its music videos with the Captive Project as he returned Ben back to his vehicle at the Mobile Media base in Pewaukee. He returned to help keep the night going until his new driver would be available to drive the Van home in the morning. Around midnight, the servants with the Captive Project called it a night because of the weather and the small, dwindling attendance. Auspiciously, the Milwaukee Police were present at the event as well, and offered to watch the Media Van overnight until John could return. John left the Van in their capable hands and went home around 1:00 am. When they all came back in the morning, the Captive Project allowed John to take the Van home, since the weather was still muggy and people were less inclined to come out to worship that morning. The prayer vigil did continue though, even after John and the Van left.


Image by John Jones












He is Working in Us All


God is there, working in us and in our fallen world. A lot of the time, we can’t point it out or see it happening before our eyes. Everything doesn’t always go according to best-laid plans, and sometimes people might say that God has nothing to do with this world or us… but He’s always there.


He is present, even before we are or we are ready to be. He is affecting us, even when we are just living and learning beside each other. He is providing a new way and a new life for all of us, even when we aren’t looking for it or sensing it. He is shining through us, even when we think we are just having a good time or a good day. And, He is trying, teaching, and molding us into the people He desires us to be, even when we think we are failing. God is relentless in His dynamic pursuit of us. And for that, we are truly blessed.