Power Source

Power Source

New Power Source

The new 22kW generator arrived on Tuesday, January 21, 2014.
It weighs about 900 pounds and was a bit of a chore to get inside the garage base. John and the delivery man got it up to the large garage door through the snow and ice, despite the ground being uneven. They were then able to rotate it 90 degrees to just get it inside the doorway and set it down beside the van. A nice employee from the neighboring Droegkamp Furnace Company even came with a forklift a little too late. By then, it was inside, safe and sound.


Mobile Media Van Generator

Image taken by Sammi Funk

Just Enough and More

On Wednesday, two volunteer electricians came over to help start putting everything in order. (This will continue until the generator is all set up inside the large housing in the back of the Media Van.) The new generator can run emergency power for something as big as a mega church, so it will also be more than able to run our beloved van! When it’s placed inside its housing compartment, there will be about 4 inches of extra space surrounding it, just enough room to place a vibration barrier around it. How the Lord works to give us exactly what we need at the right time!



Image belongs to Restore Philippines

Old Power Source

But on the morning of January 25th, that next Saturday, when we tried to start the van, we found that the battery had long since died. We found out that it was because a blinker had unknowingly been left on after our last venture. A bit embarrassed, John told our driver, Karl, he had the day off after all. He then proceeded to Woodridge Community Church, to deliver the video he had put together for the “Restore Philippines” event that day.

Without the Media Van there to help, it turns out that the event was a great success and about $6,000 worth in donations were collected to give to the New Life Baptist Church in Palo and Bethany Hospital in Tacloban. John was able to put the videos up on a large 70 inch screen inside the warm church and God brought it all to completion.


Image from https://www.facebook.com/RestorePhilippines
Belongs to Restore Philippines

All-Powerful Source

So we see once again, that we are finite, and God always has the whole plan figured out. It seems that there is nothing that holds Him back from changing lives, not a dead battery, not anything. We are truly thankful for our God who never hesitates to give us second chances and always works everything together for good! Praise Him!