Screen is here!

Screen is here!

After waiting for months and nearly a week overdue, the first screen finally arrived at the garage on May 29, 2013. All packaged in individual cases, the excitement to see it in all its grandeur, was hard to manage.

Slowly but surely, the screen started to come together as bits and pieces fit in one by one until it was whole… and so very bright!

Not unlike the screen, the Mobile Media Ministry is slowly, but surely, becoming a reality. After fifteen years of waiting for the vision put into John’s head to become real, after the van sat in his lawn for years without a roof over it, after donations were collected slowly over time, and after the months waiting for all the right pieces to come together… we are almost out on the streets. And the Lord has taken this process every step of the way! Trust in the Lord, for he is good, and his love endures forever. As Christians, that is the message of God’s truth that we want to send out to every heart.

As you can see by the slightly lower cut in the van’s side, the screen itself turned out to be longer than our original measurement. It just goes to show that God can go above and beyond what we can imagine.

Thank you, God, so much for loving us, even in our sin, and sending your Son to redeem us! Help us to trust you more and more as we take the Media Van out to your people!

And thank you all so much for your prayers for this ministry as we are just learning to fly.