The History

Despite its humble beginnings, the Media Van was always used to help people in need…


Milwaukee's Media Van Model and Full Sized Van

Milwaukee’s Media Van was originally a medical emergency van that cruised the streets, screening for tuberculosis in the 1970’s. John Jones came across it in 1997 after it had been auctioned off. The Lord allowed him to purchase it and he stored for fourteen years until God issued the call to take it to the streets.

Milwaukee's Media Van Before Image

Throughout those years, the tires did not rot, and the vehicle was never vandalized.  It’s clearly seen that the hand of God was keeping the Media Van safe until He would directed John to begin it’s makeover.

John Jones and the history of the Media VanRecalling God’s faithfulness in protecting and providing for the Media Van over the past 20 years is what  John Jones enjoys most when speaking at presentations. John describes how a colony of bees took up residence in the van during one entire summer, which turned out to be a protective blessing in disguise.


John enjoys telling others about the faithfulness of God – that they can know the one true God who helps us overcome every obstacle.