The Mobile Media Ministry is a year-round operation, so things like weather, temperature, and season, usually won’t keep us from going through with our mission…

That said, we do take lots of things into consideration when accepting event requests from potential partners.

If you have or know of an opportunity to feature the Media Van and its team, we’d love to connect, talk, and pray with you about it!

Before submitting your event request for the Media Van, take a look at our history, mission, and legacy to learn more about the Media Van.


Ready? Alright, let’s get started…

 1. Please read the terms carefully and fill out the form below before submitting.

When you book an event featuring the Media Van and the team, you are by default asserting yourself as a “Roadie,” meaning you act as our agent and representative to your local event and community. If you are not part of the main coordinating party for your event request, please add the name and phone number of the coordinating party in the event details or refrain from submitting now and refer this page to them directly.

Mobile Media Ministry Policy and Conditions

Here are listed the conditions and thoughts reflected by the Mobile Media Ministry to be adequate for any ministry opportunity. The Mobile Media Ministry issues this policy for the intent of fair and truthful communication between the interested parties and that of the ministry itself for the good of the community at large and the gospel of Christ. All of these conditions have been approved necessary by the team of the Mobile Media Van in retrospect of their past experiences. “…for, ‘Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved.’ How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone telling them? And how can anyone tell them unless they are sent? As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!'” – Romans 10:13-15 Events will only be accepted/declined after the coordinating parties of said events accept this agreement. Please note that this is not a binding contract, only an agreement to the conditions of an independent ministry for a short interval. Please read carefully before consenting to agree. *Please note that this agreement is subject to change without notice. Please renew this agreement for each official event request.*
1. The Mobile Media Ministry is here to serve the Lord God. 2. The Mobile Media Ministry values the importance of family and community. 3. The Mobile Media Ministry recognizes the law and will uphold it to the glory of God. 4. The Media Ministry strives to be professional and encourages others to do likewise. 5. The Mobile Media Ministry is able to function independently but is always willing to accommodate. 
 6. The Mobile
 Media Ministry is eager, but careful, about accepting outside church/ministry invitations.
The Mobile Media Ministry recognizes all events that magnify the Name of Jesus as Lord and Christ and professes faith in the one and true Gospel, meaning that all mankind is sinful from birth and has fallen from the Law of God, the one and only true Creator of all things; and that God sent his one and only Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life on earth, and die a perfect death to redeem the whole of humanity from the control of sin and the Devil. The Mobile Media Ministry believes that the God of the Holy Bible is the ultimate authority of all things and the only one who can save souls and give eternal life; they also recognize all parties/events that acknowledge this or believe likewise, and that will allow free declaration of these facts.  The Mobile Media Ministry welcomes all event requests, for the sake of featuring the Mobile Media Van in an outreach or ministry event, from either a coordinating party or personal reference.  The Mobile Media Ministry welcomes all volunteers of the coordinating party who are eager to pray, worship or provide assistance to the Mobile Media team at such events. 

All event and outreach requests are subject to close examination of the executive director and his team to be found legitimate and satisfactory. Acceptance of an event or outreach opportunity can only be issued after adequate event information is provided, the agreement to all these conditions is secured, and approval by the Mobile Media Ministry’s executive director is confirmed.  All official requests must be submitted to the Mobile Media Ministry and approved at least one week in advance of the desired event or outreach date. All arrangements must be finalized no later than the day before the desired event.  While personal references are appreciated, all official communication concerning an approved event must be between the Mobile Media Ministry and that of the coordinating party of the event. This will guarantee fair and clear commerce between parties during the planning process. 

The Mobile Media Ministry reserves the right to decline any desired event or outreach opportunity based on the commerce, information, or content given by the coordinating party that may be deemed incompatible with its previously stated beliefs, or if the ministry is unable to meet the needs of the said event.  The Mobile Media Ministry will not be held responsible for any actions or behavior deemed abusive or inappropriate by law by volunteers of the coordinating party. If any such action occurs and is left unchecked by the coordinating party, the Mobile Media Ministry reserves the right to take action against such behavior and report it to the appropriate authorities without the consent of the coordinating party. 

Not all technical equipment is compatible with the format of the Media Van. All Media Van equipment is adequate for outreach and will be used in any case. If the coordinating party of the desired event wants to incorporate their own media through the Media Van, all such media must be approved and compatible with the format of the Media Van before being used with the Mobile Media Ministry’s equipment.  Any visual content of the coordinating party that is to be shown through the Media Van must be approved by the executive director of the Mobile Media Ministry or its governing board. 
If none is available or approved, the content will be provided by the Mobile Media Ministry.  Any volunteer technical personnel or equipment of the coordinating party must be approved by the executive director of the Mobile Media Ministry before any other technical action can be taken. If none is available or approved, all will be provided by the Mobile Media Ministry.  If the coordinating party desires to use a presentation using media that incompatible with the format of the Media Van and its equipment, the Mobile Media Ministry offers to prepare the said presentation on behalf of the coordinating party with the ministry’s own resources. This offer stands as long as the coordinating party consents to a personal appointment with one of the Mobile Media team prior to the day before the presentation date.  If the coordinating party desires any part of the desired event to be recorded/filmed and have copies made on their behalf by the Mobile Media Ministry, all required recording/filming equipment will be provided by the Mobile Media Ministry and the arrangements must be determined prior to the day before the desired event. 

The Mobile Media Ministry requests a gratuity offering during any point in the planning process or during the desired event as payment, covering the cost of event duration, mileage, maintenance, overhead, etc. If no such compensation is procurable, the Mobile Media Ministry’s services will not be withheld. 

If the coordinating party finds these conditions to be disagreeable for the desired event, they forfeit the utilization of these services herein provided by the Mobile Media Ministry. If the coordinating party agrees to these conditions, the Mobile Media Ministry will uphold to all these services/processes that are utilized. *This agreement will be active from the date of agreement as submitted by the coordinating party to the date after the desired event. 


You are entitled to a copy of this agreement for every event you submit. Click here to print your own copy!


2. Please fill in all the fields with the correct information, including the date, time frame, and location (street address) of the requested event. Tell us about the event, its purpose, and other defining factors. 

Note: We receive many event requests all the time, so please forgive us if you don’t hear back from us concerning your submission right away. If we fail to contact you or meet your submission date, please don’t be discouraged from submitting again in the future.

WE WELCOME ALL REQUESTS and always want to connect with our brothers and sisters in Christ, wherever and whenever the Lord leads us.




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