The Mobile Media Ministry is a year-round operation, so things like weather, temperature, and season, usually won’t keep us from going through with our mission…

That said, we do take lots of things into consideration when accepting event requests from potential partners.

If you have or know of an opportunity to feature the Media Van and its team, we’d love to connect, talk, and pray with you about it!

Before submitting your event request for the Media Van, take a look at our history, mission, and legacy to learn more about the Media Van.


Ready? Alright, let’s get started…

Please fill out the form below and read the terms carefully before submitting.

When you book an event featuring the Media Van and the team, you are by default asserting yourself as a Roadie, meaning you act as our agent and representative to your local event and community. If you are not part of the main coordinating party for your event request, please add the name and phone number of the coordinating party in the event details or refrain from submitting now and refer this page to them directly.


Please fill in all the fields with the correct information, including the date, time frame, and location (street address) of the requested event. Tell us about the event, its purpose and other defining factors. 


Note: We receive many event requests all the time, so please forgive us if you don’t hear back from us concerning your submission right away. If we fail to contact you or meet your submission date, please don’t be discouraged from submitting again in the future. WE WELCOME ALL REQUESTS and always want to connect with our brothers and sisters in Christ, wherever and whenever the Lord leads us.


Mobile Media Ministry Policy and Conditions (please read and print a copy)


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