We are so excited to work with various religious and public organizations and share the hope of Christ Jesus with the surrounding communities! Tell us about your public event and how the Media Van can help make it into the best it can be.

Terms apply for the usage of the Mobile Media Van, so before filling out your request, please read the documents below and keep a copy for yourself. We reserve the ability to gain the proper contact information of the coordinating party for effective communication.

Once you’ve read our ministry policy and conditions, please fill out the fields below regarding your event. All required fields are necessary information for us to consider our ability to accept your request. Please allow for up to 7 days to hear back from us on the status of your request. Full technical specifications will be provided once acceptance has been confirmed.

Please provide the date(s) requested for your event(s) to accommodate for a quicker response to your submission. Availability is based on the date and time of your request and the amount of other prior submissions to the same and/or surrounding date(s).
Please provide an official/estimated time that the Media Van will be needed for your event(s). This does not include Van screen downtime, but may include set up and parking logistics.
Please tell us where you are planning to host your public event(s), including name of the organization/business/public area, as well as street address, city, and zip code.
Please share details about your requested event(s), such as type, goal, and hopeful participants. If possible, tell us how the Media Van would be incorporated to benefit your event(s).
Only official/legitimate event(s) can be accepted by the Mobile Media Ministry. Please confirm that you are/of the planning/coordinating party of the requested information above and that you've read the booking policy (terms of service) provided in this page.