This summer is shaping up to be one to remember.

Working with old partners as well as making some new friends, we have a lot of action-packed fun to share with those who would seek to find God this summer.

First of all, we have a very special gift to share this summer with people who come in to pray with us, those who want to find and experience the salvation and grace of Christ. Any guesses?

the action bible as a gift this summer
You can learn more about “The Action Bible” at

The Action Bible

The Action Bible features the thrilling and captivating artwork of Marvel and DC comics alum, Sergio Cariello. And we have a large box of them. These will be shared as a special gift to anyone who decides to pray and accept the love of Christ, as well as some connections to some amazing new friends we’ve made over the year to find a church home to grow and fellowship with.

Partners, Old and New

One of those churches just happens to be a new connection to us from the West Allis area, the 414 Church. We are so excited to work with them this year and hopefully even more next year.

We plan to partner with 414 Church’s leadership to build up and encourage their small groups to invite more friends and neighbors to see what they’re all about. We have three events lined up, two movie nights and a concert.

414 Church is located in West Allis, WI

The 414 Church located in West Allis bought an old Masonic Temple and revamped it into a cool and inviting young church right downtown. The Lord brought a lot of congregations through this COVID pandemic into a better place, and the same can be said for 414 Church.

Another new partnership will be with the First Congregational Church of Wauwatosa.

This summer, we’re excited to feature with them for their three-day-long Vacation Bible School program and help them encourage their young families, provide fun and uplifting activities, and reach out to their community.

Lastly, we’ve been connected with a church located just north of Waukegan, Illinois through BASICS in Milwaukee’s former directors, Gary and Laurie Hendrickson.

A quick note on Gary and Laurie

Photo taken by Sammi Funk on May 19, 2022

This Spring, the fine couple that have led the work being done through BASICS in Milwaukee for the past five years, Gary and Laurie, have felt the calling to move on from that role and enter a new chapter of service in their lives. This last month, we honored them and prayed for them at a meeting that signaled the transfer to the new director and lead of BASICS.

The couple has led and helped us at the Mobile Media Ministry in immeasurable ways, from giving guidance and providing prayerful advice to JJ during our tenure at National Spring, to assisting in Sammi’s ongoing bookkeeping and filing system know-how. We have so many thanks to them for all the love, wisdom, and counsel over the years as we’ve grown with BASICS to support us.

Because of this connection with BASICS, we are able to connect to new church growing around the area, and to older partners who we’ve worked with in the past 9 years.

Last year, we had a coolant pipe break on our way to provide a movie night at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

Because of all the COVID exposures, weather complications, and mechanical malfunctions, we missed out on working with some of these amazing organizations last summer. One being the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. Their Equip team has lots of events for those between living situations and in need of lodging. We see that the Lord has a way to use them for His glory and we want to be a part of it if at all possible.

Another partner that we plan to work with this summer is Immanuel Lutheran Church and Child Care. We had to rain check a few times with them last year, and this year, we’re praying for a clear sky and sun.

Sign up to help us for the July 4th Parade!

From past July 4th Parade and Movie outreach – 2016

Last but not least, we have the opportunity to be a part of the Pewaukee Village Independence Day Parade and festivities this July. It’s been years since we’ve hosted a movie in the Droegkamp parking lot and invited the locals to enjoy some time to mingle and ponder over our nation’s heritage.

But this time, we need help… your help. Would you be happy to walk with us along the parade route this July 4th in Pewaukee?


Please follow these instructions to connect with our team for this event opportunity, and we will be happy to have you! All fields are required.

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Thank you all for your support and continued giving and funds and prayers!

See you soon,

The Media Van team